Kas Flamboyan | Een bijna thuis voor de laatste levensfase
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Of course people prefer to die at home. Sometimes that is not possible and then people can choose for hospice Kas Flamboyan. Kas Flamboyan is a near-at-home hospice in Tera Cora, Kaya Guarane 11, where family, friends and other persons involved, are always welcome.

Attention, care, peace, warmth, security and love are important key words. It is a house with space for 4 people, who have some months left to live.

Day and night care are provided for the people (our occupants) by a dedicated team of volunteers, home care and the general practioner.

Kas Flamboyan is a hospice where everyone who cares about each other can walk in and can be who he/she is with guaranteed privacy.

We wish this for everyone on Bonaire!


Hospice Kas Flamboyan is a non-profit institution that provides care to people in their last stage of life. We mean with that, the last three months of life.
The terminally ill is assured of attention, support and assistance from skilled volunteers in collaboration with home care and the general practioner.
Together with these volunteers, we provide you and your loved ones, the care whereas the quality of life is paramount.

Kas Flamboyan is for all residents of Bonaire, regardless of religion, belief and race. Hospice kas Flamboyan offers everyone the opportunity to die in a dignified and caring way.

The hopice is managed by a director with the support of trained volunteers, who are indispensable with their presence and attention during this period. For relatives and family, Kas Flamboyan is open 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.

The Hospice Bonaire Foundation consists of the following board members:

  • Danny Rojer       Chairman of the Board / Director
  • Jodeska Cicilia   Secretary of the Board
  • Theo Braeken     Vice chairman of the Board
  • Marry Joubert    Treasurer of the Board


  • Mimi Dongen +599 796 3512 / mimi@kas-flamboyan.com
  • Angelo Goeloe +31616809737 / angelo@kas-flamboyan.com


We want the occupant to be in charge

The needs and concerns of our occupant and his/her loved ones are central. This means that the occupant is in charge and the team members of hospice kas Flambloyan are there, to accommodate and support. We ensure the highest possible quality of life. We have chosen for a warm, peaceful atmosphere in a common house where the wishes of the occupant are met.

Respect for human dignity

Kas Flamboyan characterizes itself as a safe place where people feel at home. A place where everything can and nothing should. Kas Flamboyan is a house where all the attention is focused on respect for the human dignity. A house where the voice of the terminally ill, how soft and difficult intelligible sometimes, will be heard permanently.


There are four rooms that are homely furnished. The decor of the house, the rooms and the care contribute to the homely atmosphere. Each room has WiFi, TV and the possibility to make use of a spacious bathroom. Personal properties can be taken to the hospice to make the room feel as home as possible. In addition to the private room, the house has a communal kitchen/living room. Furthermore, there are several fitted outdoor seating areas and a porch overlooking the kunuku.


How can I sign up for someone?

Through a general practioner, community nurse (home care), specialist of Fundashon Mariadal, relatives and family members. The general practioner gives a so-called terminal statement which indicates that there is a life expectancy of three months or less.

Does the occupant retain her or his own general practioner?

Yes, the own general practioner remains medically responsible. During office hours the own general practioner is the practitioner. Afterwards the generals post takes over and in the night the backup of the general practioner team (this is the same procedure when the terminally ill would be treated at home).

Is visit allowed?

We do not handle visiting times. Visit is welcome 24 hours a day. We do communicate with the occupant if guests are welcome to visit.

Can the occupants bring their own belongings?

The occupant may also bring his/her personal stuff such as paintings, duvet, twilight lamp, music, pictures etc.

Are there common or individual meals?

We don’t have fixed meal times. The occupants can eat together but also in private. Dependent of the state and situation of the occupant, the occupant can decide whether to eat in private or together. For the occupant, every afternoon a hot mail is delivered at Kas Flamboyan. Breakfast and evening meals are provided by the hospice.

What are the costs?

Every insured person of Bonaire can claim a stay in Kas Flamboyan. There is no extra charge.

What care does Kas Flamboyan provide?

We provide care, 24 hours per day. The care is focused on comfort and not on recovery.

I would like to dedicate myself to the occupants of Kas Flamboyan. How can I do that?

You can mean something by signing up as a volunteer.
Once you have signed up, you will be invited to an introduction meeting.
If you are allowed to start, you will receive a training that is completed with a certificate.
Please contact Angelo Goeloe +31616809737 or Mimi Dongen +5997963512 or via info@kas-flamboyan.com


Kas Flamboyan offers the possibility for people in the last stage of life to die with dignity in a most caring way. You can help us achieve this goal by contributing and giving the hospice legitimacy. Your support is very much needed!

 If you would like to support our work as a friend of the Hospice Bonaire Foundation, you can deposit to our bank account number; see below.


Kas Flamboyan
Kaya Guanare 11, Tera Cora
+599 7178560
MCB:   410.43.704, t.n.v. Stichting Hospice Bonaire, Bonaire C.N.
KvK:   9270


Or if you want to register as a volunteer you can contact us at:



  • Mimi Dongen +599 796 3512 / mimi@kas-flamboyan.com
  • Angelo Goeloe +31616809737 / angelo@kas-flamboyan.com